Weekly Update : 6 May


As we come to the end of a shorter week in school, there are one or two things to share with you.

Fluoride Varnishing

The Childsmile Team are scheduled to visit the school again this month.  Forms have been issued to our P1-P4 pupils and should be returned to the school office by Wednesday 11th May.

Soccer 7’s

The first round of Soccer 7’s fixtures takes place this Saturday at the KGV.  Pupils have been given their strips today and should be at the pitch for 10.30am tomorrow morning.  The tournament is expected to finish around 12.30.  We hope our 3 teams enjoy the event!

Dates for this term

We have a busy time ahead of us this term!  Please see below a list of known dates.  Further information about activities and events will be shared with parents in the coming weeks.


11th May – Garden Action Day

12th May – P5-7 Shinty – League Night 1 (Kyleakin)

16th May – Open Afternoon P1 and P7 Classes (2.30pm – 3.30pm)

16th May – Fluoride Varnishing P1-P4

17th May – Open Afternoon P2 and P6 Classes (2.30pm – 3.30pm)

18th May – Open Afternoon P3 and P4 Classes (2.30pm – 3.30pm)

19th May – Sports Day KGV P1-P3 – 10am & P4-P7 – 1.30pm

19th May – Shinty – League Night 2 (Portree)

20th May – Open Morning P5 (11.15am – 12.45pm)

23rd May – P7 Numeracy and Literacy Day PHS

25th-27th May – Bikeability Training P7

26th May – Sports Day (Rain Date)

27th May – PPS Cross Country Event

28th May – Soccer 7’s Kyleakin

28th May – Mod

30th May – Fluoride Varnishing P1-P4

31st May – Isle of Skye Cross Country Championships


1st June – PPS Jubilee Celebrations

2nd June – Provisional Date for Class School Trips

3rd June – Jubilee Holiday

6th June – Pupil Reports P1-P7

7th– 10th June – P7 Raasay Trip

14th & 15th June – Parents Appointments (online)

14th & 15th June – P7 Sailing

15th – 17th June – Bikeability P7

22nd – 24th June – P7 Induction Days PHS

23rd June – P1-P6 Transition Afternoon

24th June – Nursery – P6  Transition Morning

25th June – Soccer 7’s Portree

30th June – Prize Giving

Have a lovely weekend.

With kind regards,


Weekly Update : 29 April


As we come to the end of a very busy week at Portree Primary, there are just one or two updates to share with you.

Swimming Lessons

Pupils have enjoyed the return to swimming lessons this week. A reminder, pupils should bring a swimming costume, towel and goggles to school with them on their swimming days. 

Monday              1200-1230            P4

Wednesday        1130-1200            P3

Wednesday        1200-1230            P7

Thursday             1130-1200            P5

Thursday             1200-1230            P6

Soccer 7s Tournament

A reminder that the Soccer 7s tournament which was due to take place this Saturday has been postponed to allow pupils to participate in the Lochalsh Leisure Centre Triathlon in Kyle.  Some of our pupils will be travelling to Kyle to participate in the event, we hope they enjoy the day.


The Makaton signs of the week this week are sun, rain, snow and wind.

May Day and Inset Day

A reminder school will be closed to staff and pupils this Monday, 2nd May, for the May Day bank holiday.  There is a staff inset day next Thursday, 5th May, and the school will be closed to pupils that day.

With kind regards,


Weekly Update : 22 April


As we start what looks to be a very busy term there are a number of updates to be aware of this week.

Swimming Timetable

The weekly swimming sessions for P3-7 at the Fingal Centre will resume from this coming week.  Pupils should bring a swimming costume, towel and goggles on their swimming days.  Individual class teachers will be in touch with parents with any additional information.

Monday              1200-1230            P4

Wednesday        1130-1200            P3

Wednesday        1200-1230            P7

Thursday             1130-1200            P5

Thursday             1200-1230            P6

School Lunches

Due to changes in the Covid Guidance for schools we are making a change to our current lunchtime arrangements.  The P1-3 classes will now go for lunch at 12.30 pm rather than the earlier time of 12.00pm.  

Spors Gaidhlig Sessions

Next week our P6 and P7 classes will be undertaking outdoor activities with the team at Spors Gaidhlig.  These sessions have been rearranged from September and further information including the kit list has been sent to the parents/guardians of these classes. 

Extra-Curricular/After School Activities

As a school community we are looking to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities this term including:

  • Primary Shinty – For the P5-7 age group we are looking to enter as a school into all primary aged competitions this term including the Isle of Skye League.  To enable this to happen I am looking to identify volunteers that will be able to assist me with weekly P5-7 training sessions.  P1 and P2-4 sessions will continue to be organised by Active Schools this term.
  • Soccer 7’s – The first Soccer 7’s festival is due to take place on Saturday 7th May and we have a very healthy number of pupils that are keen to take part.  We will be looking for parent volunteers to help on the day of the events.
  • Gardening Club & Garden Action Day – In previous years the school has run a very successful Gardening Club and this is something that we would be very keen to re-establish.  On Wednesday May 11th we will host a Garden Action Day to help tidy up some of the areas around the school.  Keep an eye out for further information.     

To enable a wide range of activities to take place we are looking for parent volunteers to assist.  Please get in touch with the school if you are able to help out in any way.

Triathlon – Kyle Leisure Centre

Pupils in P5-7 have been invited to take part in the Triathlon at Kyle Swimming Pool.  A considerable number of pupils were keen to participate but the date clashed with the original date of the Soccer 7’s.  The date of the Soccer 7’s has now been moved to allow children to participate in both.  Please see the attached letter for further details.  Anyone that would like to take part either as an individual or as part of a Pals Team will need to contact the school by Monday.  Transport to and from the event will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


Community Allotment

We are delighted to have secured a full sized allotment at the new Community Allotments at Home Farm provided by the Portree & Braes Community Trust.  We look forward to developing this space in the coming years.  Primary 7 visited the allotment this week to clear the site of stones and plant some potatoes.  Well done Primary 7!!

Kind regards,


Weekly Update : 1 April


As a very busy term draws to a close, we have a short update for you this week.

Position Statement

Following the recent changes in Scottish Government Guidance, we have received an updated Position Statement from Highland Council.  The new Position Statement contains a considerable amount of changes to our current guidelines.  We will take time to consider how these changes will be implemented in our school and communicate these to pupils, parents and staff following the Easter Holidays.


Miss Fiona Robertson, PSA, spent her final day with us this week before her Maternity Leave begins.  We will miss Miss Robertson very much and we wish her all the best for this special time.   Miss Rebekah MacInnes is leaving the Canteen today, we wish her well with her new job.  We would like to take this opportunity to pass on a huge thank you to both Miss Robertson and Miss MacInnes for all they have done for our school.

Skyedance Easter Camps

Skyedance are offering Easter Camps for a variety of age groups during the Easter Break this year.  Further information is attached and all interested pupils should contact Ailsa at Skyedance.

Head lice

A reminder to parents that pupils should be checked regularly at home for head lice.  We are no longer permitted to share when cases arise but just ask that everyone continues to check as a matter of routine.


A reminder of the Makaton signs we have learned in school is attached, this week we have been revising all the signs we have covered to date.

Easter Break

The school closes today at 12.45pm and re-opens again on Tuesday 19th April at 9.06am.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday!

Thank you,


Weekly Update : 25 March


Dear Parents and Carers,

After School Activities

As COVID 19 restrictions continue to ease, we are optimistic we will soon be in a position to start a programme of after school activities for pupils.  In preparation for this, we would like to begin the process of recruiting volunteers.  Anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer should complete the survey below.  Any contribution a volunteer can make is greatly appreciated.


Parent Council Meeting

The next Parent Council Meeting will take place in the School on Tuesday 29th March at 6.30pm.  All parents and carers are welcome.


The Makaton signs of the week this week are hungry, tired and thirsty.

Easter Holidays

A reminder the Easter Break begins next Friday 1st April.  The school will close at 12.45pm on Friday and re-open at 9.06 on Tuesday 19th April.

Thank you,


Weekly Update : 18 March


Car Parking, Drop off and Pick Up

We have been aware of an increasing number of vehicles entering the school car park and issues with congestion on Blaven Road and the surrounding areas.  We wish to remind all parents the designated drop off zone for pupils is the car park next to Portree Nursery and parents are once again encouraged to use this to avoid congestion around the school at the beginning and end of the day.  Designated bays are in place there and Highland Council fund a crossing patroller to ensure that children get from there to school safely.

A reminder also that the bus lane should only be used by buses and not by private vehicles. The car park at the school is for school staff only and should not be used for parent parking or to collect or drop off pupils.  Both Marsco Place and Glamaig Place are not roads adopted by the Highland Council and as such the residents there are responsible for the upkeep of these roads.  There have been some safety concerns brought to our attention in regard to driveways being blocked as well as the parking in these areas creating blind spots where pupils are walking.   

In addition to this, Parents are reminded that pupils should not be arriving at the school before 9am.  With the exception of bus pupils, pupils do not leave their classrooms before 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday and at 12.45pm on a Friday.  In order to ease the congestion on Blaven Road, it would be appreciated if parents could utilise the designated drop off area as much as possible, and refrain from parking outside the school unless it is absolutely necessary.   If it is necessary to park on Blaven Road to collect a pupil, we would ask parents to kindly ensure they do so for as short a period as possible to minimise the impact on other road users and local residents.

We would always encourage pupils to walk and cycle to school where possible as it is hugely beneficial to their health and wellbeing.  

We appreciate your cooperation in this.

Red Nose Day

We have had a wonderful morning of activities organised by Primary 4 to raise funds for Comic Relief.  Thank you to all the classes who have taken part in games, made donations, purchased baking and raffle tickets.  A big thank you to Mrs MacAskill and the Primary 4 class for all their hard work.  The total raised will be shared with parents next week.



Weekly Update : 11 March


There are just a couple of reminders to make you aware of this week;

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day takes place next Friday 18th March.  Primary 4 will be hosting activities for our Comic Relief fundraiser this year, please see the information attached.

Lollipop Crossing

There will be no crossing patroller at the green shed on Home Farm Road on Monday afternoon, (14th March).

Raasay Trip Payment

A reminder that the next instalment for pupils attending the Raasay Trip is due next Friday 18th March.


Our Makaton signs of the week this week are frightened, excited and worried.

Thank you,


Weekly Update : 4 March


As another busy week comes to an end at Portree Primary School, there are only one or two items to bring to your attention.

Emergency Contact Details

A reminder to parents to notify the school of changes to contact numbers.  It is very important we have the correct emergency contact information in the event we need to contact parents during the school day. 

Absence Reporting

Absences and the reason for the absence should be reported to the school by telephone call or email by 9.30am each morning.  It is very helpful to have this information promptly as we continue to manage the impact of COVID 19.


The Makaton signs for this week are how, feel and poorly/ill.

Red Nose Day

P4 will be hosting activities for Red Nose Day which this year takes place on Friday 18th March.  Further information will be shared next week.

Thank you,


Weekly Update : 25 February


As we come to the end of another busy month at Portree Primary, we have a few things we wish to share with you.

Winter Weather

With the unpredictable winter weather continuing, a reminder of our arrangements for Adverse Weather are detailed below. 

Adverse Weather Arrangements

It is the responsibility of parents or carers to decide if a pupil should attempt to travel to school, by transport or on foot, in adverse weather conditions.  The council encourages full attendance at school but in severe weather condition the safety of pupil is much more important. 

Parents and pupils are often concerned about content that may be missed, but this should not over-ride good judgement.


Every effort will be made to keep parents informed of details of school closures, early closures etc. brought about by adverse weather.

When the school is not going to open, this will be communicated by the school Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/portreeprimary/ on the Highland Council Website www.highland.gov.uk/schoolclosures and on the schools telephone information service line, which is available by dialling 0800 564 2272 and entering the school’s PIN 042810

Outdoor Clothing and Footwear

A reminder all pupils should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  Pupils benefit from having time outside in the playground and as a school we encourage pupils to spend time outdoors.  It is important pupils have suitable jackets and footwear for outside play.  It is also recommended that pupils carry a spare pair of socks with them to change into if required.

Highland Council Position Statement

In light of the recent changes to the restrictions that have been made by the Scottish Government in their response to Covid-19, Highland Council have issued an updated Position Statement to all schools.  We will take time to look at the changes and how they can be applied within our own setting.  Any changes that we make will be communicated in due course

World Book Day

We will celebrate World Book Day on Friday 4th March.  Pupils are allowed to come dressed in pyjamas for a big bedtime read which they will take part in within their own classrooms. They are asked to bring either their favourite book or a book they would like to read for the day. Individual classes will be involved in lots of different activities to celebrate reading and support reading for fun. No donation is required for this event.  We look forward to a relaxed, fun and enjoyable morning of reading activities.  Further details of activities will follow next week.

P7 Raasay Trip Payment Reminder

The second instalment for the P7 Trip to Raasay is due today.  Can all parents of the pupils attending please ensure payments are sent in to the school as soon as possible, thank you.

Nut Free School

A reminder that Portree Primary School is a nut free school.  There are members of our school community who have nut allergies and it is important to ensure all packed lunches and snacks do not contain nuts.  Your co-operation with this is appreciated.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you,


Weekly Update : 18 February


As we approach our half term break, there are a few updates to bring to your attention.

Menu Change – Thursday 24th February

There will be a change to the menu for school meals on Thursday.  The choices will be beef burger and potato wedges or soup and a cheese sandwich.

P7 Raasay Trip

A reminder to P7 parents, the next instalment for the P7 Raasay Trip is due on Friday 25th February.   All payments should be sent to the school by next Friday.

World Book Day

World Book Day takes place on Thursday 3rd March.  Book tokens have been distributed to pupils this week and further information will follow next week.


The Makaton signs for this week are orange, purple and blue.


Thank you to all parents who continue to wear face coverings and  follow the guidance at pick up and drop off times at the school.  Your support is greatly appreciated during what has been a very challenging time for everyone.

Half Term Break

A reminder the school will be close at 12.45pm today for half term break. Pupils will return on Thursday 24th February.

Wishing you all a lovely break!