Issues that have arisen from Google Meets


As we develop further use of Google Meets, we would just like to highlight a couple of issues that have arisen. We fully understand that this is new technology for school work and appreciate that it is taking some getting used to.

• Highland Council policy states that all participants should be in a common area (not in a bedroom) and should be appropriately dressed.
• Pupils participating should be the only person within the picture and sound of the call. We do understand that there has been a need for adults to help younger pupils while we get used to this but moving forward would ask your cooperation in this.
• Participants should avoid eating and drinking during sessions and should also try to stay seated in one place rather than moving around while taking part. This all helps to minimise background noise and distractions.
• Pupils are reminded that only one person should be speaking at any one time. This is the same as in a normal classroom but even more important on video calls.
• Parents are asked to notify staff by email if pupils are unable to attend. This will allow calls to proceed instead of waiting for everyone to join in.
• If staff, at any time, feel that there is inappropriate behaviour or settings, they will disconnect pupils from calls and follow this up with phone calls.

Class content daily delivery


Thank you to all who responded to our survey about the assignment of work. There is a preference for tasks to continue to be assigned on a daily basis and therefore will continue as so. We do also realise that some of you are finding it difficult to organise the days learning when the work does not come through until 9am. In order to support this, daily tasks will be live at 7am each day for those of you who want to access them earlier. Also, please note that we will be flexible about when work is completed so that if it is easier to work a day behind, that is also completely acceptable. Please let us know if you have any concerns around this.

From Monday, daily registration will take place on the google classroom through a registration form. It is essential that this is completed by each pupil every day. Attendance will be taken by these forms at the end of each school day. There is no need to email attendance unless a child is unwell and not “attending” the classroom that day. If your child is unwell and not able to participate in their activities, please email teachers to let them know.

Over the next couple of weeks we are building up virtual sessions for pupils with school staff through Google Meets. We really appreciate those of you who have engaged in these this week and will issue further information about this before we roll this out to all pupils. We completely understand that these are new ways of working and are trying not to bombard you with information overload. Please remember to get in touch with us if there is any way at all that we can help or support.

Change to gmail usage for pupils


This is to advise that gmail has been disabled for all primary pupils by the Highland Council. Pupils will still be able to use their login details to access google classroom but the mail facility will no longer be functioning.

In order to access links to google meets, your child has been invited to join an additional classroom (either Mrs Murray or Mr Constant). The invitation to join will pop up when pupils log onto the google classroom home page. Links for the meetings will be posted on there tomorrow to allow you to join the meetings. This will be the format for arranging meetings moving forward.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty and thank you, once again, for your continued patience and support.

A notice regarding appropriate use of the Google Classroom platform


As we move to the google classroom format for assignments, it is imperative that school email addresses are only used to contact staff. These are not to be used for pupil to pupil contact of any form nor can these email addresses be used to log in to other social media platforms. If you become aware of any such communication between pupils, please let us know immediately.

We thank you for your cooperation and your support in this.

Google Class – for all year levels


2020 Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom

We hope you are all well and getting back into some form of “routine” now that the holidays are finished. We just wanted to let you know of some changes we are making in regards to our home learning. Until now, weekly grids have been sent out with activities for the week. From Monday, each child will be assigned to a google classroom and work will be displayed in the classroom on a daily basis. Each day, pupils at P1-4 will have a literacy task, a numeracy task and a health and wellbeing task. Each task should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. There will also be other curricular areas assigned. P5-7 will have a daily reading, writing and numeracy task and these should take no longer than 30 minutes each to complete. There will also be work for other curricular areas. P1-3 pupils are not expected to complete work on google classroom but just to refer to this daily for your assigned work. For pupils in P4-7, your daily work will be put on the classroom stream each day. Every week, your teacher will set two assignments which are to be completed on the classroom and returned for marking. These will be marked and returned to you within the week. Any questions about work can be asked by pupils or parents through the classroom or by email. Only work set out this way and indicated by your teacher should be completed on the classroom. All other tasks should continue as previously. If you have any trouble submitting work, please contact the class teacher.

Please see attached instructions for parents on the use of google classroom. Pupils in the upper primary classes should already be familiar with this and it can be accessed from any internet device. Class teachers will be in touch with login details by the end of the week and we would appreciate you checking these and letting us know of any issues. Please note that the email addresses and google facilities provided are strictly for educational purposes and should not be used to contact anyone other than members of staff. Any violation of this will be dealt with immediately.

We are also trialing a new method of registration and on Tuesday this week, each pupil will be asked to complete a google form assigned by the class teacher. This is just a trial and if successful, will be our means of gathering attendance in future. Until otherwise notified, please continue to register daily by email.

We completely understand and appreciate that this is all very new and will take time to get used to. Please let us know if we can support further.

Also, please continue to email photos to class teachers showing us what you have been up to. It’s always great to hear from you!

SODEXO Vouchers – ASDA vouchers can now be used on line


Free school vouchers

Please see attached an FAQ information sheet regarding Free School Meals. This FAQ fact sheet was updated yesterday. Please note that at this point, the voucher scheme is being rolled out to P1-3 pupils who have applied and qualified for a clothing grant and for P4-7 pupils previously entitled. The vouchers are not being issued to all P1-3 pupils.

If your circumstances have changed and you feel you need to apply for either clothing grant of free school meal assistance, this can be done via the Highland Council website.

Please let us know if we can be of any further support in this.