Prize Giving 2018


Today we celebrated our Annual Prizegiving Ceremony. We celebrated academic, sporting and lots of other achievements over this very busy year.  Below, you can see photos of our Prize Winners.

We also celebrated the achievements of our Primary Sevens who will be moving on to Portree High School after the summer.  They have been a wonderful class and we wish them all the best.DSCF0625DSCF0627DSCF0629DSCF0631DSCF0632DSCF0634DSCF0635DSCF0636DSCF0637DSCF0639DSCF0640DSCF0642DSCF0645DSCF0647DSCF0649DSCF0651DSCF0652DSCF0654DSCF0656DSCF0657DSCF0659DSCF0660DSCF0662DSCF0664DSCF0666DSCF0667DSCF0676

School Uniform Orders


If you wish to order through the school,  could you please return the order form no later than Wednesday 27th June to the office with the correct amount of cash/ or cheque, to ensure the ordered uniforms arrive back at the school prior to commencement of the new school session in August. The school will notify you when they have been delivered.

Please note, there are ‘Assistance with School Clothing’ application forms available at school reception if required. Printed copies of the uniform order sheet will also be made available.


Click here for the  PPS Uniform Order Sheet

Wow Certificates


Please click here to download a copy of our Wow Certificates.

These can be used to share achievements at home with us in school.  If your child has done something amazing at home, we’d be delighted to hear about it!

Each Wow Certificate earns a child 5 House Points!

Open Morning


Our Open Morning for this term will be held on Friday 15th June.

Parents are invited to join us at 10.45am to hear from some of our pupils about what they have been learning this term and also about our School Improvement priorities for next session.  You will then be able to visit your child’s class to view their profiles and general class work.

Pupils can be dismissed with parents, if desired.

Success Awards


At our success assembly yesterday Charlie received an award for being so helpful and encouraging of his friends. Elana received a kindness and friendship award for showing a lovely welcome to our new pupil. Lamar for showing enjoyment in her number work and for making lots of new friends. Noah received a determination award for getting help when needed and being a responsible citizen, dialling 999. Eilidh received an award for always being respectful to all adults, especially to our helpers and staff at Dunvegan Castle during our school trip. Jessica was awarded for always being kind and considerate of others and for being supportive of her classmates. Ethan received an award for showing such a positive attitude towards the Primary 1’s as a Buddy. Keep up this amazing work. We are very proud of you all!

School photo

Value Awards


At today’s success assembly we awarded a determination award to Iain for always doing his best, presenting his work neatly and working hard to finish on time. Eilidh received a determination award for writing more and showing great improvement in her number work.   Donald received a kindness award for giving his cap to a friend because the sun was hurting his eyes on the walk up to sports day.  Archie received a kindness award for stopping in a race on sports day to help someone who fell over even though it meant he was no longer in the lead.  A determination award was given to Ruari for reflecting on his learning and working really hard, always with a positive attitude.  Abdullah received a determination award for keeping going with swimming, even though he finds it hard work!  We are so proud of all of you – well done indeed!28may