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Our School Values

As a school, we have had a lot of discussion through the Pupil Voice Committee and with with Children, Staff and Parents about our School Values.  We have chosen 5 new school values.

They are:

Determination, Kindness, Friendship, Respect and Enjoyment.

These are things that we would like everyone in our school to show, and things that make a really good school.

Awards will be given out at our assemblies which recognise when these values have been demonstrated by pupils.

Our Mission is:

“Achievement for all through quality learning, co-operation and respect for our culture”


Portree Primary School is a dynamic, enterprising and busy school. Pupils are offered a wide and varied learning experience. The School Handbook is available in print from the school and is also available to download through the parents tab.


These statements were decided by all members of the school community – pupils, parents, teachers and staff who work in our school.CaptureCapture 2

The School Day


9.06am – School Begins for Children

10.45am – 11am – Morning Break Time

12.30pm – Lunch for P1-3

12.45pm – Lunch for P4-7

1.30pm – End of Lunch Break

2.30-2.45 – Afternoon Break (for P1-3 only)

3.30pm – End of School Day


9.06am – School Begins for Children

11.00am – 11.15am – Morning Break Time

12.45pm – End of School Day