Parents will be invited to enrol children for Primary one in January of the year they begin school.  Enrolment of new entrants is advertised in advance. Parents who are considering enrolling their children are most welcome to visit the school to meet the Head Teacher. An appointment can be arranged by telephoning the school.

We have a very close working relationship with Portree Independent Nursery and pupils attending nursery take part in a comprehensive transition programme before entering Primary 1 which includes weekly visits from Primary 1 class teacher to nursery and informal visits to the Primary 1 class prior to formal transition days in June. This allows for an easier transition when children begin Primary 1 full time.   In some situations, extended transitions will be put in place.

The Curriculum for Excellence stresses the importance of recognising and building on prior learning, and to ensure this, our school staff liaise closely with Portree Nursery, parents and other pre-school groups.


Placing Requests

Each school serves its own particular catchment area.  Pupils whose homes are located in that area will have priority in being allocated a place in the school.  However, parents have the right to specify the school in which they wish to place their child.

Application must be made to the Area Care and Learning Manager, Norma young.  Placing request forms can be obtained from


Transportation to and from school, for placing request pupils, is a parental responsibility.

If pupils live outwith the school catchment area and their parents wish them to attend Portree Primary School,  they can contact the Head Teacher to arrange a visit.

Parents of children with additional support needs, (including those that have Coordinated Support Plans) can make placing requests to any school in Scotland including schools outside of the local authority area they live in.

All appeals about placing requests to special schools will be referred to the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.