Pupil Voice Committee

The Pupil voice committee is a group of pupils (one pupil from P3-6 and two from P7)

We meet to help make decisions about the school.  We mainly meet on Fridays at 9.30 to discuss issues.

Our recent topics have been about property and house points.  We also got together to make decisions about profiling, and our new school rules and values/

We work with Mrs Matheson (Head teacher) to help decide and if there are issues then we inform her.  In other cases we work with Mrs Templeman.

We talk at assemblies to tell other children about any big changes about the school.

We take surveys to help others vote for what they want in the school.

The pupils involved at the moment are Ellie (P3/4), CJ (P4), Catherine (P5), Maggie (P6) and ourselves (Lois and Findlay, P7)

We are happy to hear suggestions from other pupils about how they think the school could be better, and any ideas they have.


by Lois and Findlay