Values Awards


Today at our assembly we presented our next set of  Values Awards.  Well done to Iga who received an award for respecting her teachers and friends, Jessica for showing kindness and determination in writing a story for others, Donal for showing kindness and determination by swimming to  the bottom of the deep end to pick up a tiny ring that a classmate had dropped, Ryan for determination in completing his work, Isla for having a determined attitude to her maths even when it was challenging, Daniel (not in photo)for determination in writing his space story and Cameron for displaying a kind and helpful attitude on many occasions over P7.  Well done to all of you on these achievements!

values assembly

Today’s the day!


We’re very excited for today’s coaching session and radio show with BBC Sportsound and sportscotland! Coaches including former Rangers captain, Lee McCulloch, will lead a football session for our pupils this afternoon. All pupils and parents are then invited to the school in the evening to take part in the radio broadcast. The  event takes place at the High School and guests should arrive at 6pm (programme live on air 6.30pm to 7.30pm)



BBC Scotland’s Sportsound!


Excited about what’s ahead on Thursday this week! Thanks to sportscotland and BBC Scotland, we’ll have football coaching from the professionals in the afternoon followed by a live radio broadcast of BBC Scotland’s Sportsound programme in the evening. Everyone is welcome to join us to be part of the programme audience. The  event takes place at the High School and guests should arrive at 6pm (programme live on air 6.30pm to 7.30pm)


BBC Sportsound comes to Portree, Thursday 26 April at 6pm



We are delighted to invite you to join us as part of the audience for a live broadcast of the BBC Radio Scotland Sportsound programme on Thursday 26 April at 6pm.

The programme, which is a fun and topical look at Scottish football, includes a panel of guests and a chance for the audience to ask questions live on air.  The programme goes out from 6.30pm to 7.30pm and is usually broadcast from the BBC Scotland Glasgow studio. By bringing the show “on the road” to Portree, we have a wonderful opportunity to experience a live radio broadcast and if you’re interested in Scottish football then you’ll love the conversation!

The panel will be hosted by BBC Scotland’s Kenny Macintyre and his guests on the night will include football pundit Chick Young, chief sports writer Tom English, BBC Scotland’s senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin and former Rangers captain Lee McCulloch

Before the programme and thanks to sportscotland and BBC Scotland, some of our children will have participated in a football coaching session and some snippets from the coaching will be included in the programme. We ask all children who have been invited to attend the coaching session to return in the evening for the radio programme.

Hopefully we can make this a real community event and we would love to see families and friends from across the community attend. Please feel free to extend the invitation to your network, everyone is welcome!

Values Awards!


At our achievement assembly we gave our first set of “Values” awards.  Anna in Primary 1 received a Friendship award, Jonathan, P2, a Kindness and Determination award.  Rowan in P3 and Morgan in P4 both received awards for Friendship.  Tabitha in P5 received an award for Determination, Gemma in P6 was given a Kindness award and Lewis in P7 received an award for Enjoyment and Determination.  Well done to all of these pupils for demonstrating our core values-  We are proud of you!Values assembly