Weekly Update : 10 December


I appreciate that over the past week with increasing news of the new COVID variant that there are many questions about how we respond to this.  Earlier today, you will have received a letter from Nicky Grant with an update from the Council.  As we have been throughout the pandemic, we continue to be guided by the Highland Council and the Health Protection Team.  Any information that we share is directed by them.  I appreciate the frustration that information has not been quicker in coming, however, it is an ever changing situation and as soon as information is sent to us, we will share it with you.

With Christmas fast approaching, I would just like to highlight a few of the events taking place next week.  On Wednesday, weather permitting, each class will visit the square to share their Carolling in the Community.  A very draft timetable is below in case you wish to pop by. Please ensure that current guidelines around social distancing etc are adhered to at all times.  As part of our risk assessment, class groups will be kept separate from members of the community.  Radio Skye will broadcast the performance for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own homes as well.  In addition to Wednesdays event, each class will also visit one of the local care home between now and the holidays to perform their carols, outdoors, for residents to enjoy. 

Carolling in the Community – Portree Square Wednesday 15th December

P1, P2 and P3 10.00 – 10.30 am
P4 and P510.30-11am
P6 and P7      11.00- 11.30pm 

Class parties will take place starting on Monday and a schedule is below for these.  Pupils are welcome to come to school in their party clothes on the day of their party.   

Primary 1     Monday 13th December (pm)

Primary 2     Tuesday 14th December (pm)

Primary 3     Wednesday 15th December (pm)

Primary 4     Thursday 16th December (pm)

Primary 5      Friday 17th December (am)

Primary 6     Monday 20th December (pm)

Primary 7    Tuesday 21st December

We will continue to provide updates as they become available and as always, very much appreciate your support.



Weekly Update : 3rd December


The weeks continue to fly by and already we find ourselves in December!  Please see below for items that we would like to bring to your attention this week and also the attached schedule of upcoming dates for the remainder of this term.

Christmas Vouchers

Our Parent Council are hoping to donate Amazon vouchers again this year to families nominated by the school community.  This is very generous initiative that was very much appreciated by recipients last year.  If you know of a parent who would benefit from one of these vouchers, either because the extra would help towards Christmas or because they have done something particularly deserving, please get in touch with the Parent Council to make a nomination.  All nominations are handled in complete confidence.  If all nominations could be to the Parent Council Portree.Primary@highlandpc.co.uk by Tuesday, that would be much appreciated.

Key Assessment Tasks

Last Friday, all pupils took home 3 Key Assessment Tasks to share their work with home.  If you have not yet managed, could you please return these to school as soon as possible in order for them to be added to Pupil Profiles.

Children In Need

All money has now been counted and I wish to share with you that we raised an incredible £1385.97 for Children In Need this year.  A huge thank you to everyone for their support and contributions to this great cause and a special thanks for P6 for organising the event!


In place of our weekly Makaton signs, our focus this month will be on an Advent Calendar of Makaton signs  which is attached above for your reference.  Pupils will be using some of these as part of their Carolling in the Community initiative.


As per our school policy, homework is reduced over the month of December.  Some pupils may continue to have reading assigned and words for Christmas carols may also be sent home for learning but all other homework will be limited in the busy run up to Christmas.

Carolling in the Community

Plans and rehearsals are well under way for our Carolling in the Community initiative this year.  Our plan is that on the morning of Wednesday 15th December, all classes will perform their carols in the square.  A rough timetable will be shared closer to the time in case you wish to stop by.  The carols will be recorded by Radio Skye for later broadcast so that we can reach as many folk in our community as possible.  Each class will also have the opportunity to visit a local care home or the Coop to participate in a “pop up” version of their carolling concert to spread some Christmas cheer around the Community.


Flouride varnishing that was meant to take place in November has now been rescheduled for Monday 10th and Monday 24th January.  This is for all pupils in P1-4.

Queens Jubilee additional Holiday

The Council has approved an additional public holiday on Friday 3 June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  Schools across Highland will be closed for this occasion.

Thank you to all of you who attended Parents Night appointments this week.  In many cases this was the first opportunity for introductions and on behalf of all staff, it is a pleasure to be able to engage with you individually even if not in person.  Any parents who were unable to attend and wish to speak to class teachers are asked to contact the school so that can be arranged.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!



Weekly Update : 26 November


We have a briefer update this week than we had had over the past few but still wish to draw your attention to a few items.

Key Assessment Tasks

All pupils will be taking home Key Assessment Tasks today for Literacy, Numeracy and one other curricular area.  On each of these assessments, you will see a section for family voice.  We would ask you to discuss the task with children and to insert a comment. There are some questions attached above which may be useful in chatting to pupils about their work.  If all Key Assessment Tasks could please be returned to school by Monday, they will then be added to pupil profiles.

Parents Night

Just a reminder that Parents Night appointments take place next Tuesday and Wednesday. These will take place virtually using the Parent Booking system.  All bookings are to be made by tonight.

Tartan Day

Next Tuesday we will run our Tartan Day at PPS.  In the absence of our traditional fundraising opportunities at the time of year, we are hoping that this event will generate some funds which will go towards Christmas crafts, parties etc.  Pupils are invited to wear tartan either as an addition to or in place of their school uniforms and to take in a small donation for the privilege.


The Makaton signs for this week are attached above.

Please continue to get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have.



Weekly Update : 19 November


Please see below and attached, information for this week’s update;

Cauliflower Cards

All orders have now arrived in school and an email has been sent out to explain how these are being distributed, larger items and gift wrap can be collected, by arrangement, with the school office.  We are very grateful for your support in this initiative.  The products that children have created are just lovely!

Parents Night

Parent’s nights will take place for all classes on 30th November and 1st December.  As with last spring, these will be held virtually on the Parent Booking platform.  Appointments will be open for booking from 22nd – 29th November.  If you have any difficulty accessing these or require further instruction, please contact the school office.

Open Event arrangements

Wednesday 24th November would have been one of our annual Open Days for parents to visit the school.  As we are still unable to have visitors at school, class teacher will share some classroom photos on the Google Classrooms next Wednesday for you to have a wee glimpse into classroom life.  On Friday 26th November, each child will take home 3 Key Assessment Tasks which we would ask you to look over, discuss with children and add your comments to the Family Voice section.  If possible, we would ask for these to be returned by Monday 29th November so that they can be added to pupil profiles.  We very much look forward to being able to open our doors again when it is safe to do so.

Raasay Trip

Just a reminder to P7 pupils and parents that the first instalment for the Raasay trip is to be in to the school office for 26th November.  All related information was sent out separately but please be in touch with any questions you may have.

Community Christmas Events

The Parent Council will be running a stall at the Community Christmas event on Saturday 27th November at the KG5.  They would very much appreciate any donations of home baking that is packaged and ready to sell.  They will also be holding a chocolate tombola and any donations of chocolate would also be very welcome.  Donations can be handed in to the school or to the Isle of Skye Paint Company.


Our Makaton signs this week are boy, girl and when. Graphics are attached above.

A list of all upcoming dates is attached above and we will continue to update this with any changes.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.



Weekly Update : 12 November


As we come to the end of another busy week, there are a few updates to bring to your attention.

With the recent rise in covid cases, I would like to reassure all parents/guardians that in the event of any possible class or school transmission, the Health Protection Team are contacted and investigations are carried out and facilitated by myself.

These investigations, depending on the numbers and likelihood of school transmission, can take a little time to conclude, due to HPT being very busy and working through their caseload on a daily basis, the wait for PCR results, and also coming to an informed decision regarding the type of letter/instruction to issue.  There is a staged approach to this in the event of multiple cases:

  • An initial warn and inform letter (given out by school) in the case of 1 case with possible link to school;
  • A modified warn and inform letter from HPT (on discovery of more cases, which are possibly linked, in class) requesting pupils to seek a PCR while decision is being made

Outbreak letters, in the case of multiple linked cases, requiring children to isolate;

  • ‘Stepdown’ letter/s to communicate to each family when their child can return to school/normal activities.  This is dependent on when pupil last attended school, and PCR negative test.

The situation is ever-changing and fast moving at times, and many factors are taken into account when making decisions regarding closure or isolation. 

I do hope this clarifies the process, please be assured of our support as we navigate our way through these times.


I am delighted to inform you that following interview this week, Mr Iain Murray has been appointed to the position of Acting Head at Portree Primary School for the duration of my Careers Break, starting in January.  Iain is no stranger to Portree Primary School and I know that he is looking forward to the appointment as are we.

Upcoming Dates

The list of dates for this term is attached again above and there are just a couple of changes to highlight. 

  • Flouride Varnishing that was scheduled for this coming week will be rescheduled as they are unable to visit this week as planned. 
  • Christmas lunches will be served in the canteen on Thursday 16th December

Carolling in the Community

In place of our traditional Christmas concert we are hoping this year to try a new method of spreading Christmas cheer through our Carolling in the Community initiative.  Classes will visit the square on Wednesday 13th December (weather depending) and will sing a selection of carols there.  If restrictions allow, they will do this in class pairs.  Radio Skye are going to attend and will broadcast the singing for all to enjoy.  It is also hoped that each class will have a visit to a local care home, the Co-op etc to take a pop up version of their carols to the wider community.  All performances will take place outdoors and we look further to sharing further information as it becomes available.


The Makaton signs of the week this week are Tidy up, Time and Me.



Weekly Update : 5th November


Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find below and in the attached documents, our weekly update.  We apologise again for the last minute disruption to the school week this week and thank you all for your understanding in this. With quite a few events coming up over the course of this term, dates along with short descriptions have been included on the document attached.  We will be in touch with any changes or additions to this information is confirmed.

Upcoming Dates

Attached to the weekly update, you will receive a copy of upcoming dates for this term.  Please note that our online panto date has changed from the 20th to the 21st December to avoid clashing with the virtual Dance Festival.  We look forward to providing further information about additional dates over the coming weeks.


Our Makaton signs for this week are; please, sorry and next.  The graphics for these are attached above.

Extra Curricular Activities

Unfortunately, we are still not in a position to start school run after school activities at this point due to current restrictions.  Active Schools have managed to restart some of our previous sporting clubs and Skyedance are also operating as per usual.  Attached you will see an overview of what is currently on offer as well as contact details for any queries.

Access to Google Classroom

For most classes, homework is currently assigned on Google Classroom.  We will also be using this platform to share photos of classrooms and pupils over the coming weeks.  If you are unable to access Google Classroom for any reason, please let class teachers know so that we can help.

COP26 Walk – Friday 12th November

Pupils are challenged to create a redesigned/recycled outfit from turning shirts to skirts, trousers to shorts, embellish no longer wanted items, jumpers to t-shirts, t-shirts to buffs – the ideas are endless.  (Pinterest is great!)  Children are encouraged to wear these to school and we will do a village walk, promoting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to raise awareness of the Climate Conference.

Winter Weather

With the winter weather approaching, a reminder of our arrangements for Adverse Weather are detailed below. 

 Adverse Weather Arrangements

It is the responsibility of parents or carers to decide if a pupil should attempt to travel to school, by transport or on foot, in adverse weather conditions.  The council encourages full attendance at school but in severe weather condition the safety of pupil is much more important. 

Parents and pupils are often concerned about content that may be missed, but this should not over-ride good judgement.


Every effort will be made to keep parents informed of details of school closures, early closures etc. brought about by adverse weather.

When the school is not going to open, this will be communicated by the school Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/portreeprimary/ on the Highland Council Website www.highland.gov.uk/schoolclosures and on the schools telephone information service line, which is available by dialling 0800 564 2272 and entering the school’s PIN 042810

 Bus Pupils

Parents should note that the final decision on whether it is safe to operate rests with the driver of the school transport vehicle.  Therefore there may be occasions on which a school is open but some routes, or part of routes, are unable to operate.

When weather conditions are poor, parents should ensure that children are met at the “drop off” point, especially where public service transport it used.

In the event of the school closing early due to adverse weather conditions, the three schools in Portree will make a collective decision about whether buses will be called early.

Where this is the case, school staff will make every attempt to contact parents directly to ensure pupils are to get onto school transport.  In cases where parents cannot be contacted, pupils will not be put onto busses but will be kept at the school for collection.

 All Other Pupils

In the event of the school closing early due to adverse weather conditions, this information will be shared as listed above.  We ask parents to share this information widely and to make arrangements to collect pupils from school as soon as possible.  All pupils are to be collected via the school reception.  Once school transport has been arranged for pupils travelling by bus, and if the telephone lines allow, parents of pupils still at school will be contacted directly to ascertain arrangements for collection.  Often adverse weather can also mean a loss of phone lines and in this instance, staff may use mobile phones to contact parents.  It is essential that we hold up to date contacts for all pupils  Pupils will not be permitted to walk home unless that has clearly been stated by parents.

Please discuss this with pupils so that they are aware of what their plan is if this circumstance were to arrive.  For pupils who are permitted to walk home in this situation, class teachers must be given this permission in writing.

As always, please get in touch with any question or concerns you may have.





Weekly Update : 29 October


Dear Parents/Carers,

 We trust that you all had an enjoyable break and are now settled back as we come to the end of our first week of term.  This is always a busy term ahead and although current restrictions are once again requiring us to make changes, the list of dates appears to be just as extensive.  There have been very few changes to the Council position statement and risk assessment. There is a lot of new information in this week’s update and I would draw your attention particularly to the list of dates for the coming term.  These are mostly tentative and we will provide updates of any changes and also additions over the coming weeks.

 Christmas is usually the school’s best opportunity to raise school funds and in the absence of traditional events; Christmas Craft Fayre, concert etc, we are looking for alternative fundraising opportunities to fundraise.  On 30th November, St Andrews Day, we are holding our Tartan Day. Pupils are invited to wear tartan in addition to or in place of their uniforms and to take in a donation toward school fund. We are very grateful to the Parent Council who are supporting us financially to provide Christmas parties for all pupils.

Blythswood Appeal

Just a reminder that P3 are organising our Blythswood appeal again this year and the deadline for any donations is this coming Wednesday.  Donations of full boxes or individual items are all gratefully received.

School Meals

There is no change to the current canteen menu.  While the menu often changes in October, this year the existing menu will run until Easter.  A reminder please to go through the choices with your child to ensure that they are choosing something they like and also that adheres to any dietary requirements they may have.  Our school cook is currently off work and it is not always possible to substitute ingredients at the last minute.

Dates for you Diary

3rd NovemberSTEM visits for P5-7 P5 in the morning, upstairs P6 & P7 in the gym pm
9th and 17th NovemberFlouride Varnishing P1-4
12th NovemberThree R’s COP26 Walk Pupils are challenged to create a resdesigned/recycled outfit from turning shirts to skirts, trousers to shorts, embelish no longer wanted items, jumpers to tshirts, t-shirts to buffs – the ideas are endless.  (Pinterest is great!)  Children are encouraged to wear these to school and we will do a village walk, promoting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to raise awareness of the Climate Conference
14th NovemberRemembrance Parade – Somerled Square Selected P7’s participating
19th NovemberChildren In Need – further information to follow
24th NovemberStaff will upload photos onto Google Classrooms to give you some glimpses of classroom life, in place of our usual open event
26th NovemberEach pupil will take home 3 Key Assessment tasks from this term for parents to look at, comment and return, again in place of our open event
26th NovemberLight Up Portree Event – Pupil Singers involved, further information to follow
30th NovemberTartan Day – Pupils to dress up to raise money for school funds
30th November and 1st DecemberVirtual Parents Night – further information to follow
3rd, 10th and 17th DecemberChristmas Craft Fridays
10th DecemberChristmas Jumper Day
20th DecemberOnline Panto  Virtual Dance Festival
22nd DecemberLast day of term Christmas walk
TBCCarolling in the Community – a new alternative to our traditional Christmas concert – further information to follow
Christmas Parties    Primary 1     Monday 13th December (pm)
Primary 2     Tuesday 14th December (pm)
Primary 3     Wednesday 15th December (pm)
Primary 4     Thursday 16th December (pm)
Primary 5      Friday 17th December (am)
Primary 6     Monday 20th December (pm)
Primary 7    Tuesday 21st December

Head lice

A reminder to parents as well that pupils should be checked regularly at home for head lice.  We are no longer permitted to share when cases arise but just ask that everyone continue to check as a matter of routine.


Our Makaton signs of the week for this week are ‘good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘thank you’.

As always, please be in touch with any questions or comments.  We always look forward to hearing from you.



Weekly Update : 8 October


Dear Parents/Carers,

As this is the last update of the term, there are just a few items to bring to your attention this week;

Bra Bank

As we are supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month during October we thought it was a good time to remind parents that as part of our Eco agenda, the school have a bra bank in the building which enables any unwanted bras to be recycled, with funds going to the Breast Cancer charity.  Donations can be dropped off any time in the school porch.

Blythswood Appeal

Primary 3 are organising the Blythswood Appeal on behalf of the school this year and a letter is attached with further information about this.  This has always been a very well supported initiative and any donations will be very gratefully received.  Please see the attached note which lists items and also provides dates for donations to be in. 


Over the past weeks there have been several references by pupils to a Netflix series, Squid Game.  There is some growing concern around the level of violent content in this series and we just wish to bring to your attention that the rating of this show is 15+.

Flu Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations will take place on Friday 29th October.

Christmas Card Project

The sales of Christmas art projects through Cauliflower Cards has already generated over £400 commission which goes towards school funds.  Many thanks for your orders!


Over this term, I have been working an altered work pattern, mostly from home, due to a family illness and I am hugely grateful to Mrs Templeman and the staff at the school who have been absolutely amazing during this time and have kept things going seamlessly!  While I hope to be back to more in person hours after the October holiday,  I will be taking a Careers Break from January, of one year to allow me to focus fully on family for a short time.  The post of Acting Head for Portree Primary School will likely be advertised over the October break.  Further information around this will be shared once it is available.

It has been a busy start to our session this year and an anxious time for parents. I would like to thank you all very much for your continued support and patience while we have found our way through  every changing circumstances!

Wishing you all a lovely holiday!



Weekly Update 1 October


With only one week left of this first school term, there are just a few items to bring to your attention this week.  Just a reminder that the school will close next Friday at 12.45 for the school holiday and will reopen on Monday 25th October.

Wear It Pink

The school will be supporting October as Breast Cancer Awareness month next week.  Pupils are invited to take part in a “wear it pink” day next Friday by wearing pink in place of their school uniforms. Donations will be accepted on Friday in the support of the charity.


The signs of the week this week are sing, friend and book/story.

School Photographer

Parent have been in touch regarding the school photographer.  Unfortunately, the photographer is not yet able to visit schools and we will provide an update when this changes.

Christmas Fundraising

Classes have been working with Mrs MacVicar on a school fundraising project to create designs for Christmas cards this year.  With the assistance of the Cauliflower Christmas Cards Christmas project, the designs will be available to purchase on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, mugs and notebooks. 

Designs have been sent home and should now have been returned to school.  If these have not been returned, please ensure that they are in school for the start of next week.

Orders should be placed online with Cauliflower Cards and instructions on this will be provided in a pack issued to pupils with their design.  All commissions come directly to school funds and we thank you for your support of this project.

Please be in touch with any questions or queries you may have.



Weekly Update : 24 September


Dear Parents/Carers,

There are just a couple of reminders to make you aware of this week;

Autumn Fling

The Light Up Portree committee will host the Autumn Fling event tomorrow at the King George pitch.  The day includes a children’s play zone and live entertainment from 2-10pm.  Our Parent Council will be holding a fundraising stall and would love you to stop by to support their fundraising efforts.  Tickets for the event are available online at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-autumn-fling-live-music-food-play-zone-bar-tickets-165988876197

Wet Weather

With the change of the weather this week, we remind parents that we are still not able to gather pupils indoors before school.  On wet days, pupils are asked not to be at school before 9am and to ensure that they have proper wet weather attire as they may be required to be outdoors. 

The school playground is not staffed before 8.50am and pupils are reminded that they should not be arriving prior to that unless they are travelling by school transport.

After School Activities

Active School and Highlife Highland have begun resuming their after school activities and details around these have been emailed to parents.  We are hopeful that our own school run activities will also soon have the go ahead to resume, however, at the moment, we are very short of volunteers to run these.  If you have not already, please complete the Google form that was issued last week so that we can begin the process of getting these organised so that once we have the go ahead, we can be up and running as soon as possible.  We currently do not have any volunteers for our running club or lego club, both of which are very popular with pupils.  There is no need for these to run all year, they could be done in blocks of a few weeks at a time so please do get in touch even if you can help occasionally.

Christmas Fundraising

Classes have been working with Mrs MacVicar on a school fundraising project to create designs for Christmas cards this year.  With the assistance of the Cauliflower Christmas Cards Christmas project, the designs will be available to purchase on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift tags, mugs and notebooks. 

Designs will be sent home with pupils on Monday 27th September and should be returned to the school by Thursday 30th September to allow enough time for orders to be printed.

Orders should be placed online with Cauliflower Cards and instructions on this will be provided in a pack issued to pupils with their design.

Please continue to get in touch with any questions or queries you may have.