Weekly Update 13th January 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,

As we end our first week of the new term, I would like to bring a few items of information to your attention and also to give you a draft outline of dates for this coming term.  This is by no means a complete list and dates will be added as further information becomes available.

Family Reading Sessions

We are delighted to be able to offer Family Reading Sessions again this term for Primary 1 – 3.  Further information is included in a letter attached to this email.  We very much look forward to this starting again!

After School Shinty Sessions

From Tuesday 17th January, we are delighted to be able of offer PPS indoor shinty training for an initial block of sessions up until the February break. We are very grateful to  Mr Iain Murray, who will  run the sessions indicated below. Pupils are taking home permission slips today and we ask that those are completed and taken along to the first session for those wishing to take part.

P1-2      Tuesdays 3.30-4.30pm    PPS School Gym

P3-4       Thursdays 3.30-4.30pm  PPS School Gym

P5-7       Wednesdays 6-7pm       PHS Games Hall


As intimated earlier in the week the Clerical post has now been advertised with a closing date of 23rd January.

Parent Survey Results

Thank you to those of you who were able to complete our parental survey in December.  Attached to this email you will see collated responses and the Action Plans discussed with staff in follow up to the survey.  Please be in touch with any questions you may have about this.


Soccer 7s

We are still in need of volunteers to help coach teams at the upcoming Soccer 7s events as listed below.  Parents will be responsible for the supervision of their children at these events and volunteers will only be acting in the capacity of coaching and encouraging players.  We have a large number of pupils wishing to take part but this is only going to be possible with enough volunteers.  Please get in touch if you are able to help at any of the sessions.  There is no requirement to help at all of them, even just one would be a huge help.

School Photographs

School photos ordered before Christmas have now arrived and will be sent home with pupils today.  Please have a look in school bags for these.


From next week, we will hold our weekly whole school assemblies each Friday morning.  These assemblies involve sharing successes, singing, discussion of current school events etc.  Each week we will continue to focus on 3 Makaton signs as part of our assemblies and these will be shared with parents in our weekly updates.

Known dates for this term (further dates TBC)

Monday 16th of January                 Feis visits to P5 (continuing for 5 weeks)

Tuesday 17and 24th  January       Flouride Varnishing

Friday 20th January                          P1 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Tuesday 24th January                      Treoir (Lost Songs Project) to visit P6 (continuing for 4 weeks)

Wednesday 25th January               P6 at Science Skills workshop

Thursday 26th January                    P7 at Science Skills Workshop

Friday 27th January                          Uniform Swap

                                                                P2 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Monday 30th January                      P1 Health Check

Friday 3rd February                          P3 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Saturday 4th February                     P7 and under & P3 and under shinty tournament TBC

Friday 10th February                        P1 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Saturday 11th February                  P5 and under & girls shinty tournaments TBC

Friday 17th February                        P2 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Monday 20th February                    Mid term holiday

Tuesday 21st February                    Mid term holiday

Wednesday 22nd February            Inset Day

Friday 24th February                        P7 Community Café

                                                         P3 Family Reading session 12.15pm

                                                         Uniform Swap

Tuesday 28th February                   Jammin Fitness visit – whole school

Friday 3rd March                               P1 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Friday 10th March                             P2 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Wednesday 15th March                  P1 & P3 Community Café

Friday 17th March                           Comic Relief

Monday 20th March                         P3 & P5 Open Afternoon

Tuesday 21st March                         P1 & P4  Open Afternoon

Thursday 23rd March                       P2 & P7 Open Afternoon

Friday 24th March                             P6 Open Morning

                                                          P3 Family Reading session 12.15pm

Tuesday 28 & 29th March              Parents Evening Appointments