Weekly Update : 18 March


Car Parking, Drop off and Pick Up

We have been aware of an increasing number of vehicles entering the school car park and issues with congestion on Blaven Road and the surrounding areas.  We wish to remind all parents the designated drop off zone for pupils is the car park next to Portree Nursery and parents are once again encouraged to use this to avoid congestion around the school at the beginning and end of the day.  Designated bays are in place there and Highland Council fund a crossing patroller to ensure that children get from there to school safely.

A reminder also that the bus lane should only be used by buses and not by private vehicles. The car park at the school is for school staff only and should not be used for parent parking or to collect or drop off pupils.  Both Marsco Place and Glamaig Place are not roads adopted by the Highland Council and as such the residents there are responsible for the upkeep of these roads.  There have been some safety concerns brought to our attention in regard to driveways being blocked as well as the parking in these areas creating blind spots where pupils are walking.   

In addition to this, Parents are reminded that pupils should not be arriving at the school before 9am.  With the exception of bus pupils, pupils do not leave their classrooms before 3.30pm from Monday to Thursday and at 12.45pm on a Friday.  In order to ease the congestion on Blaven Road, it would be appreciated if parents could utilise the designated drop off area as much as possible, and refrain from parking outside the school unless it is absolutely necessary.   If it is necessary to park on Blaven Road to collect a pupil, we would ask parents to kindly ensure they do so for as short a period as possible to minimise the impact on other road users and local residents.

We would always encourage pupils to walk and cycle to school where possible as it is hugely beneficial to their health and wellbeing.  

We appreciate your cooperation in this.

Red Nose Day

We have had a wonderful morning of activities organised by Primary 4 to raise funds for Comic Relief.  Thank you to all the classes who have taken part in games, made donations, purchased baking and raffle tickets.  A big thank you to Mrs MacAskill and the Primary 4 class for all their hard work.  The total raised will be shared with parents next week.