Weekly Update : 14 January


Dear Parents and Carers,

As we come to the end of a busy week, there are a few updates to bring to your attention.

With the recent rise in Covid cases, I would like to reassure all parents/guardians that in the event of possible class or school transmission, the Health Protection Team are contacted and investigations are carried out and facilitated by myself.  As we have been throughout the pandemic, we continue to be guided by the Highland Council and the Health Protection Team.  Please see the following key points from our current guidance:    

If children or staff have Covid symptoms they should book a PCR test, irrespective of the results of an LFD test.

Positive Cases (regardless of vaccination status)

1. Positive cases

• must isolate for 10 days unless

• LFD tests negative on day 6 and day 7 (taken at least 24 hours apart, with the first test no earlier than day 6) they may leave isolation if they have no symptoms after their day 7 test.

High Risk Contacts who are Fully Vaccinated Adult Contacts (3 doses)

High Risk Contacts who are aged under 18 years and 4 months

2. take 7 daily LFD tests and report results instead of isolating

3. no requirement for a PCR test to be released from self-isolation.

4. children aged under 5 are encouraged, but not required, to take LFD tests

High Risk Contacts who are Unvaccinated/Partially Vaccinated Adult Contacts (less than 3 doses)

5. must take a PCR test and isolate for 10 days.

6. The previous risk-informed approach within schools will continue to apply. That is that, all potential contacts (whether defined as high- or low-risk) will be identified and provided with appropriate, proportionate advice on the action that should be taken in the following ways:

7. Test and Protect will, through the contact tracing system, identify those contacts where there is a higher risk of transmission and ask them to follow the appropriate steps based on NHS guidance (self-isolation and/or daily LFD testing dependent on age and vaccination status)

8. Other low risk contacts will be identified by schools when they are informed of positive cases, and sent information letters that advise them to take certain mitigating actions. These actions do not require self-isolation, but include important advice on LFD testing and other mitigating actions.   

Highland Online Primary School – HOPS

Please see the link for the Highland Online Primary School (HOPS), which has been launched this week by Highland Council to support children that may be required to isolate or classes that may require to work from home.  Whilst this resource is aimed primarily at P4-7, extensive guidance for other stages can be accessed through the Digital Hub.


The HOPS resource can be used by pupils that require to isolate, in conjunction with the PPS Numeracy and Literacy Grids.


Our weekly Makaton signs will be family brother and sister.

School Values Assembly

We held a whole school online assembly at the start of the week to highlight our school values.  Our school values are Determination, Kindness, Friendship, Respect and Enjoyment.  These are things that we would like everyone in our school to show, and things that make a really good school.  Awards will continue to be given out at our assemblies which recognise when these values have been demonstrated by pupils.


Flouride varnishing took place this week for children in on Monday 10th January. 

Head lice

A reminder to parents as well that pupils should be checked regularly at home for head lice.  We are no longer permitted to share when cases arise but just ask that everyone continues to check as a matter of routine.

Thank you,