Weekly Update : 26 November


We have a briefer update this week than we had had over the past few but still wish to draw your attention to a few items.

Key Assessment Tasks

All pupils will be taking home Key Assessment Tasks today for Literacy, Numeracy and one other curricular area.  On each of these assessments, you will see a section for family voice.  We would ask you to discuss the task with children and to insert a comment. There are some questions attached above which may be useful in chatting to pupils about their work.  If all Key Assessment Tasks could please be returned to school by Monday, they will then be added to pupil profiles.

Parents Night

Just a reminder that Parents Night appointments take place next Tuesday and Wednesday. These will take place virtually using the Parent Booking system.  All bookings are to be made by tonight.

Tartan Day

Next Tuesday we will run our Tartan Day at PPS.  In the absence of our traditional fundraising opportunities at the time of year, we are hoping that this event will generate some funds which will go towards Christmas crafts, parties etc.  Pupils are invited to wear tartan either as an addition to or in place of their school uniforms and to take in a small donation for the privilege.


The Makaton signs for this week are attached above.

Please continue to get in touch with any questions or concerns you may have.