Weekly Update : 12 November


As we come to the end of another busy week, there are a few updates to bring to your attention.

With the recent rise in covid cases, I would like to reassure all parents/guardians that in the event of any possible class or school transmission, the Health Protection Team are contacted and investigations are carried out and facilitated by myself.

These investigations, depending on the numbers and likelihood of school transmission, can take a little time to conclude, due to HPT being very busy and working through their caseload on a daily basis, the wait for PCR results, and also coming to an informed decision regarding the type of letter/instruction to issue.  There is a staged approach to this in the event of multiple cases:

  • An initial warn and inform letter (given out by school) in the case of 1 case with possible link to school;
  • A modified warn and inform letter from HPT (on discovery of more cases, which are possibly linked, in class) requesting pupils to seek a PCR while decision is being made

Outbreak letters, in the case of multiple linked cases, requiring children to isolate;

  • ‘Stepdown’ letter/s to communicate to each family when their child can return to school/normal activities.  This is dependent on when pupil last attended school, and PCR negative test.

The situation is ever-changing and fast moving at times, and many factors are taken into account when making decisions regarding closure or isolation. 

I do hope this clarifies the process, please be assured of our support as we navigate our way through these times.


I am delighted to inform you that following interview this week, Mr Iain Murray has been appointed to the position of Acting Head at Portree Primary School for the duration of my Careers Break, starting in January.  Iain is no stranger to Portree Primary School and I know that he is looking forward to the appointment as are we.

Upcoming Dates

The list of dates for this term is attached again above and there are just a couple of changes to highlight. 

  • Flouride Varnishing that was scheduled for this coming week will be rescheduled as they are unable to visit this week as planned. 
  • Christmas lunches will be served in the canteen on Thursday 16th December

Carolling in the Community

In place of our traditional Christmas concert we are hoping this year to try a new method of spreading Christmas cheer through our Carolling in the Community initiative.  Classes will visit the square on Wednesday 13th December (weather depending) and will sing a selection of carols there.  If restrictions allow, they will do this in class pairs.  Radio Skye are going to attend and will broadcast the singing for all to enjoy.  It is also hoped that each class will have a visit to a local care home, the Co-op etc to take a pop up version of their carols to the wider community.  All performances will take place outdoors and we look further to sharing further information as it becomes available.


The Makaton signs of the week this week are Tidy up, Time and Me.