Weekly Update : 10 September


Here we are at Friday again.  In addition to separate emails that have been sent out this week, there are a few reminders included below;

Long Weekend

This coming Monday, 13th September and Tuesday, 14th September are inset days.  While staff will be taking part in training, there will be no school for pupils.  We look forward to welcoming you all back on Wednesday 15th September.

Flu Vaccinations

Our date for flu vaccinations has now been confirmed as Friday 29th October.  If you have not already, please return these permission forms to the school office in order that they can be sent on to the school nursing team.


We are fortunate at Portree Primary School to have a variety of support in place for pupils with Additional Support Needs.  Pupils who are receiving additional support are being contacted by teaching staff to provide you with information around the nature of support that pupils are receiving and also the staff who are delivering that support.  For information around the Highland Council Additional Support Needs policies, please visit the Highland Council website; https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/886/schools_-_additional_support_needs

Water Bottles

It remains essential that all pupils have a water bottle with them each day.  Please note that only water is to be consumed in classrooms throughout the day.  While juice is permitted at lunch and snack time, bottles in class should contain water only.

PE kit and Football Strips

Just a reminder that with the exception of National Strips, Football colours are not to be worn in school.  We appreciate that pupils are keen to wear these but thank you for your understanding that these are not permitted during the school day for PE etc.  We are still asking that pupils come to school in their kit on PE days but also remind parents that school jumpers must still be worn.

Makaton Sign of the Week

As part of our whole school initiative to learn Makaton, we continue to introduce three new signs each week.  The signs this week are: home, school and wash hands and graphics for these are attached above.

Please continue to get in touch with any questions or concerns that you have. We wish you all a lovely long weekend.