Weekly Update: 15 January


Firstly well done for making it through Week 1 of online learning!  We have had almost 100% attendance this week for pupils working from home which is fantastic.  There are a few changes and updates to make you aware of this week;


As with the last lockdown period, we are keen to share some of the amazing work that is going on at home through our Facebook page.  Teaching staff will share these with me at the end of each week.  If you prefer the photos that you have sent in not to be shared, please make teaching staff aware.  Pupils will not be identified by name in these posts.

Expectations for work

Where the emphasis last lockdown was very much on consolidation, we are hopeful that this situation will be as temporary as possible and will endeavour to keep up with as much teaching and learning as possible.  In light of this, we have revised our suggested timescales that pupils should be working each day.  Please keep in mind that these are guidelines.  The health and wellbeing of all, including parents, is paramount at this time and if at any time, you find that this is too much, please get in touch.  All work is posted each morning at 7am which will hopefully allow time for getting the day organised.  Due to staffing implications, it is not possible to release work any earlier than that.  If it is easier for your child to work a day behind to allow you to organise the night before, this is an option as well.  As long as pupils attend their meets at specified times, we can be flexible where required.  From next week, the advised times for school work will be as follows;

Literacy (Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking)

  • 20-30 minutes: P1-P2 
  • 30-45 minutes: P3-P4
  • 45 mins -1h15: P5-7


  • 20-30 minutes: P1-P2 
  • 30-45 minutes: P3-P4
  • 45 mins -1h15: P5-7

It is also recommended that as part of their health and wellbeing, pupils take part in physical activity each day between Joe Wickes, Highlife Highland, Active School and the PE grid, there should be plenty of options to suit everyone.

We also issued an art grid last week with suggested activities which pupils can choose to do, one per week.

There are additional tasks in a grid on the homework section of the website should you require these.

Google Meets are in addition to the timings suggested above. 

This is an ever changing landscape and will continue to evolve as time goes on.  Some teachers are currently putting together work packs of textbooks etc. which may help to reduce screen time and also help with consistency and routines that pupils are familiar with.  We will be in touch with further information around these. 

Teaching staff continue to be available on email during school hours, except when they are providing in school supervision.

Where there are any questions or concerns about any school related matters, these should still be directed to the school using the correct channels and parents are reminded that discussing these over social media is neither appropriate nor productive.

Burns Day Focus

With Burns Day approaching next week, information is attached regarding a competition and some additional activities to celebrate the occasion. These are completely optional but will provide a focus and some motivation away from Literacy and Numeracy.  We look forward to seeing your entries!

In School Provision

The school continues to be open for the pupils of Keyworkers and for some vulnerable pupils, however, as you will be aware from the media, there are concerns, nationally about the numbers attending.  In light of this, we have been tasked with reducing our numbers and ensuring that Keyworker places are only being used by those in the new Keyworker categories 1-3 advised by  the Scottish Government and only at times when both parents are required to be out at work, rather than working from home.  Individual parents have been contacted about this however, if you have specific questions, please contact the school.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support in home learning and for your understanding and patience in this ever changing scenario.

As always, please be in touch with any questions or concerns.