Issues that have arisen from Google Meets


As we develop further use of Google Meets, we would just like to highlight a couple of issues that have arisen. We fully understand that this is new technology for school work and appreciate that it is taking some getting used to.

• Highland Council policy states that all participants should be in a common area (not in a bedroom) and should be appropriately dressed.
• Pupils participating should be the only person within the picture and sound of the call. We do understand that there has been a need for adults to help younger pupils while we get used to this but moving forward would ask your cooperation in this.
• Participants should avoid eating and drinking during sessions and should also try to stay seated in one place rather than moving around while taking part. This all helps to minimise background noise and distractions.
• Pupils are reminded that only one person should be speaking at any one time. This is the same as in a normal classroom but even more important on video calls.
• Parents are asked to notify staff by email if pupils are unable to attend. This will allow calls to proceed instead of waiting for everyone to join in.
• If staff, at any time, feel that there is inappropriate behaviour or settings, they will disconnect pupils from calls and follow this up with phone calls.