Prize Giving 2018


Today we celebrated our Annual Prizegiving Ceremony. We celebrated academic, sporting and lots of other achievements over this very busy year.  Below, you can see photos of our Prize Winners.

We also celebrated the achievements of our Primary Sevens who will be moving on to Portree High School after the summer.  They have been a wonderful class and we wish them all the best.DSCF0625DSCF0627DSCF0629DSCF0631DSCF0632DSCF0634DSCF0635DSCF0636DSCF0637DSCF0639DSCF0640DSCF0642DSCF0645DSCF0647DSCF0649DSCF0651DSCF0652DSCF0654DSCF0656DSCF0657DSCF0659DSCF0660DSCF0662DSCF0664DSCF0666DSCF0667DSCF0676