Film Club

Bholcana – Bhideo Lego

Tha dithis duine a’ bruidhinn ach bha bholcano a’ spreadhadh!  Bha labha a’ tighinn eadarra.  Tha na cinn aca a’ dol air teine!  Tha iad a’ tionndadh a-steach gu zombies is thuit iad anns an labha.

Le Erin Duncan, GM7, agus Alfie McMath, GM4


Zombie Apocalypse 1 – Bhideo Lego

Tha tri daoine a’ tighinn sios air planaid le species ur agus an uair sin tha na daoine a’ tionndadh a-steach gu zombies.

Le Thomas Duncan, GM4, agus Tim Nicolson, GM4


The Big Robotic Barbecue- A Lego video

Two robots and a headless man go to a statue and destroy it.  Then they have a barbecue and eat two people.

By Giacomo Cecchini-Fraser, P 5, and Jakob Ng, P5


Dab – bhideo Stick Nodes le Tim Nicolson,  GM4



Crazy  – a Stick Nodes video by Lewis MacPherson, P5Crazy


Flying Stickman  – a Stick Nodes video by Noah Chadwick, P7

Flying Stickman


Stop Motion Lego Video

Le Erin Duncan, GM7, agus Alfie McMath, GM4


Zombie Apocalypse 1 – bhideo Lego

Le Tim Nicolson, GM4, agus Thomas Duncan, GM4


My Stop Motion Movie

by Lewis Fleming, GM7, Tim Nicolson, GM4, and Jakob Ng, P5

Voices – Lewis, Soundtrack – Jacob


Titan Fall – A Lego video

A boy plays Titan Fall and a player tries to kill him.

By Lewis Fleming , P7


Teleporter –A Lego Video

A red head man goes on a quest to find a teleporter crystal and he touches the crystal.  A robot mech suit tries to kill him because he transforms into an alien, but the red headed alien kills him.

By Lewis – P7


My Stop Motion Movie

By Matthew Fleming,SAGB4377[1] P4


Teacher Power – A Lego video

A funny story of why you should never bully at school or you will deal with the teacher. And it will be a story into a new dimension.

By Lewis MacPherson, P5, and Noah Chadwick, P7