House Points and Golden Rules ~ Puingean-taighe agus Riaghailtean Oir

Portree Primary School – House System

To Promote:

  • Individual Responsibility
    • Collective Responsibility
    • Positive Behaviour
    • Strong School Ethos
    • Shared Aims and Goals
    • Teamwork
    • Positive attitudes to school
    • Positive attitude to others
    • Effort and application
    • Good manners
    • Achievements and successes of all kinds

How it will work?

Every pupil in the school will be a member of a house:
• Kiltaraglen, Scorrybreac, Camustianavaig and Glenvarragill
• The houses will also have their own colours:

Kiltaraglen – Blue
Scorrybreac – Green
Camustianavaig – Red
Glenvarragill – Yellow

• Pupils in each class will be divided into the four houses and there will be an equal number of pupils in each house across the school. Classes should also be divided as far as possible into equal numbers of boys and girls.
• Pupils can earn or lose points for their house at any time during the school day or during extra-curricular and out of school activities.
• All members of staff and adults visiting the school or working with pupils can award or take away points.

How Many Points can be Awarded or deducted?

The points awarded will range between, 1-5.
The allocation of pupils will be based on a five point scale
1. Some effort/improvement/change/impact
2. Okay effort/improvement/change/impact
3. Good effort/ improvement/change/impact
4. A marked effort/improvement/change/impact
5. Impressive effort/ improvement/change/impact

What Can Points Be Awarded For?

Class teachers, visiting teachers and non-teaching members of staff can award points for:

  • Good manners.
    • Helpful behaviour.
    • Caring and considerate behaviour.
    • Special effort and application.
    • Improvement in achievement or attainment brought about by hard work and a positive attitude.
    • Improvement in behaviour and attitude which pupils have consciously worked at.
    • A positive attitude to specific tasks or school life generally.
    • Responsible behaviour.
    • Changes in attitude/behaviour/effort etc. which have been worked at by individual/groups of pupils.
    • Other achievements seen by adults/staff as worthy of recognition.

Class teachers, visiting teachers and non-teaching members of staff and other adults at the school can on rare occasions also deduct points for very serious incidents. However, it is hoped this will happen very infrequently.

How will Houses be identified?
Each house will have an associated colour and a logo/badge.

Display of House Points and Monthly Progress?

  • A special house wall will be developed in the school to display the monthly and on-going points total for each house – outside gym hall.
    • A separate House wall where houses can display their own information or ideas or successes will be developed – inside main pupil entrance
    • Each class will also keep house point records for monthly tallying of points which will be passed onto Mrs Cowie at the end of each month. Mrs Cowie and Mrs Templeman will update wall displays each month.
    • At the end of session the winning house will be presented with the, House Trophy. There will be a medal for each member of the winning house.

Other Important Points

  • Each class will have House Captains who will be responsible for heading a house during a particular period. The house Captains will change regularly.
    • Class/school House Competitions will take place at different times of the year.
    • Class teachers can make individual awards or give extra privileges to wining houses for in class successes.
    • There will continue to be House Sport Awards – Cross Country, Sports Day etc. Additional competitions may be introduced for sport and other activities – football/shinty/basketball/chess/quiz/spelling/challenges/events etc.
    • House Captains and members of the Pupil Council can discuss and suggest developments, events, changes etc. to the House System.

The Portree Primary School House System is VERY important to everyone, in the school!