P6 – Miss MacLennan and Mrs Martin

Welcome To the P6 Class Blog

Welcome to primary 6! We have two teachers in P6. We have Mrs Martin on a Thursday and Friday. On a Tuesday and Thursday I go to Ross County Football training. This week I am playing Queens Park Rangers FC. Busy Busy!

This Year in P6 it is going to be busy. There is going to be music lesions in class like chanter, fiddle, piano and more stuff. On Tuesday we have got reading and P.E. in the morning after break we’ve got Maths and Gaelic then home.

By Ruari Peston





P6’s  topic is the Jacobites. We have been busy learning about battles during the time. We wrote a newspaper report on the Massacre Of Glencoe. We had a big chat of the story and who Alasdair MacIan was. The battle was about goverment soldiers attacking the MacDonalds. Alasdair MacIan was the leader of the MacDonalds.




Primary  Six’s Blog time

Primary Six is learning French.Mrs Martin has a french song about Hello’s and Goodbye’s,Our Topic is the Jacobite’s,I suggest its a brilliant Topic for Primary six! But we did start it too we have learned a lot from it.We will make a blog every week if we can and we have Speedy Readers too!. Every day for homework we have a special Spelling Contract to do! and On Friday We have a short lunch and swimming!

Our writer of the Blog now is Jessica Beedie



In maths we have been doing polygons and shapes. It was good to know about polygons we also made posters in twos. We are also making big numbers and learning about quadrilaterals.

by Catriona MacRaild