Cross Country

Lots of our class members took part in this year’s cross country championships.  Well done to everyone who took part, you all worked really hard in training to prepare for this day!  Well done especially to Emma who came first in the girl’s race. Her, Kizzy, Lucy, and Ali will go on to the North of Scotland competition later in the month.

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To start of 2017, we all read Roald Dahl’s “The Twits” together. We did lots of activities, including describing Mr Twits disgusting beard, Making our own Anti-Twit Good Thought Poems and tallying up how many pranks Mr and Mrs Twit played on each other.  We ended the mini-topic by imagining one of The Twits woke up one day and decided to be nice!  We wrote playscripts and acted them out in front of the class.  You can see the photos here!

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We celebrated Burns Day by learning some of his most famous poems and songs.  We each learned a section of Tam O’Shanter and performed the whole thing at assembly!


Lots of Fun was had at 2016’s Dance Festival and P6/7 Christmas Party.  Here are some photos of them.

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 We worked very hard on our performance of The Grinch for the Christmas Concert.  We even dressed up as “Whos” and wrote our own song!