Blogger of the week – Christine!

Welcome to this weeks blog!Take a peek at what we have been up to!

On Monday and Tuesday this week we had a special visitor, the Photographer!People have been fetched for their family photos,pupils are glad to miss a bit of work and classes are taking their individual photos.Instead of the school loved egg pooping chicken, there is a new smile bringer, Funny Monkey!This monkey makes you smile by sticking it’s tounge out and blowing rasberries!The helpers this time were Cali and Dol from GM6/7 and Brodie and Christine from EM7. These lucky people missed a day and a half of school work!

Pupils have just found out that people may be making a film of the school, and have been flying drones around in the air while the little kids have been playing.They even asked the little ones and me to run away screaming!

Pokemon Cards: The new rage! The new and improved pokemon cards are facinating kids and annoying parents!Here is some advice parents:buy them loads and they will stop asking eventually!