P3/4 – Miss Swinney

Welcome to P3/4 at Portree Primary School

Welcome, this is P3/4’s blog. We are going to let you know what we get up to. There will be lots of exciting things to read and see on this blog. 

There are 22 children in our class. There are only 5 P4’s and they are all boys and friends.  There are 17 P3’s. We have 2 class teachers – one is called Miss Swinney and the other is called Mrs Martin. Miss Swinney teacher us most of the time. 

We have Music on a Tuesday with Miss Deplano and we have P.E. with Mr Mackenzie. On Wednesday we go swimming with Mrs Martin and we have Art on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs MacVicor.  We go home early on a Friday. We are enjoying learning about dinosaurs for our topic. We are organising a St. Andrew’s Day event for our parents.